Windows and Linux Softwares

Tools and Utilities on Windows and Linux Platforms, this list will help you to look at the application you get on Linux.





Office Suits Microsoft Office, OpenOffice KOffice, OpenOffice, SotOffice, AbiWord, etc
Email Clients Outlook Express, ThunderBird, etc Thunderbird, Evolution, Balsa, Pine, etc
Browsers Internet Explorer,FireFox, Opera, Maxothon, etc Opera, Firefox, Mozilla, Epiphany, etc
Instant Messengers Msn, Yahoo, Aol, Icq, etc Gaim, Kopete, Centericq, IM2, Jabber, etc
Media Players Windows Media Player,Winamp, Sonique, etc Xmms, Mp3blaster, Beep, Splay, Zinf, etc
Text Editors Notepad, WordPad, MS-Word, etc Vi, Emacs, Kate, Kwrite, Vim, etc
Compression WinZip, WinRAR, WinACE, 7-Zip, etc Zip, Tar, Bzip2, Rar, etc
Download Managers Flashget, GetRight, DAP, etc wget, Axel, ProZilla, QuickDownloader, etc
Desktop Search Msn, Google, Yahoo, Coppernic. Beagle, Kat.
Development C, C++, VB, VC++, Perl, PHP, .Net, Java etc C, C++, Perl, C#, PHP, Ruby, RealBasic, Java, etc
IDE Visual Studio, Visual, Zeus, etc Anjuta, Kdevelop, etc
Firewalls Zone Alarm, Sygate, McAfee, Tiny, etc Ipchains, Iptables, FireStarter, etc
Anti-Virus AVG, Norton, McAfee, Pc-cillin, QuickHeal, etc AntiVir, ClamAV, Bit Defender, etc
Database MySQL, SQL Server, SAP, Oracle, etc PQSql, MySql, Oracle, etc
Image Editors Paint, PhotoShop, etc GIMP, Blender, Dia, Electric Eyes, etc


Not so high quality list but this can be served as the basics of looking and giving a try to linux, and yes if linux suits your needs then why use pirated copy of windows, just throw it away and get into the world of linux which gives you more power with your computer.

- Anish Shaikh.


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