Guide to Email Spoofing

A Simple Guide to Faking Emails

Disclaimer :- This text is provided just to share knowlege, i dont sujjest you to go and fake mails from your university or school's or anybody's email address, its not legal and if ever you get screwed. I dont take any liability for your actions, you and only you are solely responsible for your actions. and let me also tell you that in India Faking Emails is also just equal to Hackinf and Can Easily Kick your Ass, So Dont Do It. And you are free to copy and distribute it as long as credit is given to me. if you have any sujjestions or questions regarding hacking or relating this paper you always can reach me at my mail add.

    Well guys, now i am going to teach you How to Spoof Your Identify using Email.. 

    Well everybody using internet will and probably has an email address and thinks that if he/she doesnt share the password with others, he is really secure in tearms that no one can use his/her email and abuse it, for this reason what he does is keeps a very long password, infact tries to use all possible and hardest combination of characters, which can be a pain in the ass to crack or guess that password ok so now let me show you how you can do it.

    Just take as an example that your ISP's Email server address is and the default port which is used by the mail daemon is always 25, SMTP is the service which handles the mail service SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Probably Most Commanly used mail daemons are Sendmail, IMail, Qmail,etc. ok now its time to fake you email, you can do it just by using Telnet, like this, now Goto Start => Run . Type and Then MS-DOS Prompt Opens and type it in :- telnet 25 , you type telnet so that you can connect to the SMTP Daemon and is the name of the server and 25 is the port number where telnet client has to connect to the server. ok now When you connect there you get a Banner like this :-

             MyISP Mail Server 

            Sendmail 8.11.6 Linux 2.4.2 Kernel

    This is the banner of the mail daemon and with the banner we can know that the server runs sendmail, for instance let me tell you sendmail is the buggiest and shittest daemon in the world, it contains a lot of bugs, ok now after u get the banner, you need to say Hello to the Daemon or it feels Bad, Say Hello like this :- helo, but some mail servers it is necessary to write the domain address of the server, it can be like this now :- helo ok now after u said hello to the server now tell him from whom you want him to send the mail, like this 

        mail from: <> press enter

        Now this really doesnt matter that you provide a valid email address or not it is just a fake email address. so probably anything will do, ok then now its time to specify the reciept's email address. (eMail Address of the Person whom you want to send the fake email). It should be like his :

        rcpt to: <> press enter

    Ok so now you have given all this details then its time to Type the Subject like this 

            Subject: Its My Pleasure to Provide you With a Job for 10,000 Dollars/ month press enter

    Now type here what ever your message is, can say that you got a job at Microsoft and this and that and whatever you want to say, so can just bluff anything overhere as much as you want and then on a new line press "." and this will end the mail body and now just wait for the person to recieve the mail and see what he says :) ok now you know how to fake emails. But dont use it to harm anybody as it can easily be traced back to you. There are lots and lots of anonymous mail servers you can use them or else you can try to hunt down servers which are open for relay's and use them, Spammers just scan for subnets and look for open rely'ed Mail Servers and if they find one they use it to Spam. So make sure if you run a mail server dont offer relying, ok now i think this is enough for you to get going with Anonymous Emails :)

    Newbie Note :- If ever you Get an Email from the Dean or any Professor of your College Saying, Bring 10,000. bucks tonight at my house after 10:00 pm, and i will increase your grades, Now Probably you can say that it was a Faked mail. and Just Ignore it :) coz somebody is doing what you just learned :)

- Anish Shaikh.


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